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Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Decals 15.24CM (1927-2016) - Collector's Edition 6" Round

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Decals 15.24CM (1927-2016) - Collector's Edition 6" Round

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Toronto Maple Leafs Logo

Window Decals - 15.24CM/ 6" inches Round

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Toronto Maple Leafs with our exclusive collection of window decals. Perfect for fans and collectors, these decals are a tribute to the team's legacy.

Toronto Maple Leafs Historic Logo Decals

2016 Logo - A Nostalgic Return

The 2016 Toronto Maple Leafs logo decal features the classic blue maple leaf design with 'Toronto Maple Leafs' in vintage white lettering, echoing the team's storied past.

1970 Retro Logo - Bold and Iconic

Our 1970 retro logo decal captures the essence of the early '70s with its bold white font on a blue maple leaf, a true representation of the era's style.

The Original 1927 Logo - Timeless Elegance

Experience the beginning with the original 1927 logo decal, featuring a unique green maple leaf with 'TORONTO' in white block lettering, a nod to the team's early branding.

1966-1970 Logo - Classic Sophistication

The 1966 to 1970 logo decal showcases a sleek blue maple leaf with a distinctive white outline and 'Toronto Maple Leafs' in elegant white block lettering, epitomizing the charm of the era.

1928-1931 Logo - Intricate Detailing

From 1928 to 1931, the Toronto Maple Leafs embraced a logo with intricate line detailing within the blue maple leaf, complemented by bold 'Toronto Maple Leafs' lettering in white.

1963-1966 Logo - Simplistic Beauty

The 1963 to 1966 decal highlights a minimalist blue maple leaf, combined with the 'Toronto Maple Leafs' inscription in a straightforward white block font.

1931-1963 Logo - Scripted Elegance

This decal represents the 1931 to 1963 era with a 35-point blue maple leaf. Inside, the 'Toronto Maple Leafs' appears in an elegant white script, capturing a sense of vintage sophistication.

2016 Logo - Modern Flair

2016, this logo features a stylized blue maple leaf with 'Toronto Maple Leafs' in a modern, serif white font, reflecting the team's evolution and contemporary appeal.

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