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Smart NFC Lanyard: Google Review-Enabled for Instant Access

Smart NFC Lanyard: Google Review-Enabled for Instant Access

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Transform Customer Feedback with the Smart NFC Lanyard

Direct Access to Google Reviews - Enhance Your Online Reputation

Revolutionize how you gather customer feedback with our Smart NFC Lanyard. Tailored for forward-thinking businesses in the Niagara Region, this lanyard is equipped with a programmable NTAG216 chip, enabling customers to easily access your Google Review page with a simple tap. Encourage more positive reviews and enhance your online reputation effortlessly. Its innovative technology is specifically designed to boost customer engagement and improve your service ratings. Whether you're a restaurant in Niagara Falls or a boutique in St. Catharines, this lanyard is your key to building a robust online presence through authentic customer feedback.


  1. How does this lanyard help in getting more Google reviews?

    • The NFC chip directly links to your business's Google Review page, making it extremely convenient for customers to leave a review immediately after their experience.
  2. Is it easy for customers to use?

    • Absolutely! Customers simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone to the lanyard, and they're directed straight to the review page.
  3. Can I update the link to the Google Review page?

    • Yes, the NTAG216 chip is reprogrammable, allowing you to update the link or information whenever necessary.

This approach ensures that the product's unique selling point – facilitating easy access to Google Reviews for customer feedback – is highlighted, making it an attractive proposition for businesses in the Niagara Region looking to enhance their digital marketing and online reputation.

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