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Vintage Boxing Match Posters: Legends of the Ring Collection

Vintage Boxing Match Posters: Legends of the Ring Collection

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Legends of the Ring Collection: Vintage Boxing Match Promo Posters

Legends of the Ring Collection: Vintage Boxing Match Promo Posters


1. Ali vs. Foster 1972 Promotional Poster

The Ali vs. Foster 1972 promotional poster showcases the bout between Muhammad Ali and Bob Foster on November 21, 1972. This poster is a vibrant representation of Ali's era, featuring his charismatic presence and the significance of his journey to reclaim the heavyweight title. The poster highlights the rarity of cross-divisional matches, making it a significant piece of boxing history.

2. Frazier Ali Iconic Boxing Match Poster

The Frazier-Ali iconic boxing match poster immortalizes one of the greatest rivalries in the sport. It symbolizes their first fight, the Fight of the Century, on March 8, 1971. This poster captures the intensity of their rivalry and the cultural and political significance of the era, making it a cherished item for boxing aficionados.

3. Floyd Patterson Vs Esau Freidan Vintage Poster

The Floyd Patterson vs. Esau Freidan vintage poster is a nostalgic piece that highlights Patterson's status as the youngest heavyweight champion. This poster represents a non-title bout against Freidan, showcasing an era when such matches were common, adding to the unpredictability and excitement of the sport.

4. Larry Holmes Vs Scott Ledoux Fight Poster

The Larry Holmes vs. Scott LeDoux fight poster from their 1980 bout captures Holmes's dominance in the heavyweight division. This poster highlights Holmes's skill and the transitional period in heavyweight boxing post-Muhammad Ali's prime, making it a significant piece of boxing memorabilia.

5. Joe Frazier Vs Jerry Quarry Classic Match Poster

The Joe Frazier vs. Jerry Quarry classic match poster from their 1969 bout is a testament to one of the most spirited heavyweight clashes of its time. It showcases the relentless action and Frazier's dominating performance, capturing the essence of an era where heavyweight boxing was at its peak.

6. Kidding Around - The National Police Gazette June 1953 Cover

The 'Kidding Around - The National Police Gazette June 1953 Cover' is a unique piece of boxing memorabilia. It depicts a lighter, playful side of the sport, often unseen in the ring. This cover, with its vintage charm, captures the cultural significance of boxing in the early 1950s and the role of sports in popular media.

7. Muhammad Ali's Return - Defeating Jerry Quarry Poster

'Muhammad Ali's Return - Defeating Jerry Quarry' poster commemorates one of the pivotal moments in Ali's career. This poster illustrates the match where Ali, having faced a three-year suspension, made a triumphant return to the ring by defeating Jerry Quarry in 1970. It symbolizes Ali's resilience and his unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

8. Mike Tyson Vs Mitch Green Fight Poster

The Mike Tyson vs. Mitch Green fight poster from their 1986 match encapsulates the early years of Tyson's career. This poster highlights Tyson's rapid rise in the heavyweight division, showcasing the raw power and intensity he brought to the ring, making it a memorable piece for fans of the sport.


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