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Explore the Custom Queen Collection: Unique Coffee-Themed Art and Decals - Lux Label Labs

Explore the Custom Queen Collection: Unique Coffee-Themed Art and Decals - Lux Label Labs

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Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant world of coffee with our "Caffeine Queen" collection! This series of decals and art pieces celebrates all things coffee, from the bold and empowering imagery of the "Caffeine Queen Reigns" and "Caffeine Queen" designs, to the intriguing and unique "CBD Infused Brew" that melds the calming effects of CBD with the classic coffee experience.

Featured Products:

Caffeine Queen Reigns

Featuring a stylish, retro comic book design, this piece is perfect for adding a touch of bold femininity to any space.

Caffeine Queen

A modern portrait that captures the essence of contemporary coffee culture with a whimsical twist.

CBD Infused Brew

A creative blend of coffee and cannabis elements, ideal for those who enjoy the edge of modern wellness trends.

Classic Coffee Machine

A detailed, nostalgic decal of a vintage coffee machine, great for kitchen decor or a café.

Jurassic Coffee Park

A playful take on the classic movie, this piece is perfect for movie buffs and coffee lovers alike.

Coffee: The Fuel of Champions

A powerful declaration for those whose mornings must start with a strong brew.

Decaf? No Thanks, I'm Not a Quitter

A humorous, bold statement for those who take their coffee seriously.

Doctor Brew

A whimsical nod to "Doctor Who" for fans of the series and fine coffee.

Drink Coffee, Do Stupid Things Faster

A cheeky celebration of the sometimes chaotic energy coffee brings.

Espresso Yourself

Encourages coffee lovers to show off their unique espresso style.

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