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Customize Your RV with Durable, Weather-Resistant Decals from Lux Label Labs

Customize Your RV with Durable, Weather-Resistant Decals from Lux Label Labs

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  1. Enhance Your RV with Durable Decals from Lux Label Labs

    Lux Label Labs offers high-quality, weather-resistant vinyl decals for your RV. Our 18" x 18" decals are designed to add style and personality to your vehicle, ensuring top-notch customization that stands out.

    Featured Decals:

    • Abstract Elk Portrait Decal: Vibrant, geometric elk design for nature lovers.
    • Alpha Wolf Truck Decal: Striking black-and-white wolf design symbolizing strength.
    • Arctic Wolves Family Decal: Majestic wolf pack in a snowy mountain setting.
    • Tribal Bear Art Decal: Intricate tribal bear design for a cultural touch.
    • Canada Decal: Vintage maple leaf for Canadian pride.
    • Majestic Wolf Forest Decal: Wolf in a forest landscape.
    • Compass Rose Decal: Classic design for navigation enthusiasts.
    • Canadian Wilderness Wolf Decal: Timberwolf howling against a red moon.

    Key Features:

    • Size: 18" x 18"
    • Material: Weather-resistant vinyl
    • Easy Installation: Clean surface, apply in mild temperatures, use a squeegee.
    • Maintenance: Clean with soft cloth and mild soap.


    • Custom RV Decals: Unique graphics for your RV.
    • Durable Vinyl Decals: Withstands harsh weather without fading.
    • Easy RV Decal Care: Simple to clean and maintain.
    • Enhance RV Appearance: Boosts RV’s look and resale value.

    Explore our collection at and customize your RV with top-quality decals today!


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