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Limited Edition 'Whorls of Wisdom' Art Prints by Lux Label Labs - Exclusive Collection

Limited Edition 'Whorls of Wisdom' Art Prints by Lux Label Labs - Exclusive Collection

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Limited Edition: Only 30 Prints Available

Embrace the exclusivity of "Whorls of Wisdom" with only 30 prints made available by Lux Label Labs. With a strict limit of 10 prints per size, this limited edition series ensures that your art collection includes a unique piece that not many others will possess. Act now to secure your exclusive print:

  • 12x16 inches – Limited to 10 prints
  • 16x20 inches – Limited to 10 prints
  • 19.75x27.5 inches – Limited to 10 prints


Whorls of Wisdom: A Journey Through Abstract Arboreal Landscapes

Discover the Essence

"Whorls of Wisdom" is a masterpiece from Lux Label Labs that embodies the spirit of abstract arboreal landscapes. Crafted with a symphony of circular patterns and a palette of earth-toned hues—from deep umbers to fiery siennas, accentuated with stark black and creamy whites—each whorl in this artwork is a testament to nature's beauty and complexity.

A Size for Every Space

Whether you're adorning a personal nook or making a statement in your living room, "Whorls of Wisdom" offers versatility with sizes tailored for every preference:

  • 12x16 inches: Perfect for intimate spaces or as a complement to a curated art collection.
  • 16x20 inches: Offers flexibility for both standalone and ensemble displays.
  • 19.75x27.5 inches: An immersive size that invites the viewer into the artwork's detailed landscape.



Join us in celebrating the artistry of Niagara. Discover the "Whorls of Wisdom" series and become part of a community that values creativity, quality, and local excellence. Lux Label Labs—where Niagara's spirit is immortalized in art.

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