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Elevate Your Race Custom Decals & Lettering for Ontario Racers

Elevate Your Race Custom Decals & Lettering for Ontario Racers

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Custom Decal Kits: Unleash Your Race Car's Potential

Transform your race car with our meticulously designed DIY Decal Kits, offering a unique blend of style, visibility, and personal expression on the track. Each kit is crafted to provide racers with the tools and materials needed for a sleek, professional look that commands attention at every turn.

Kit Contents:

  • Door Numbers and Names Kit:

    • Two large decals for door numbers (18" H x 30" W each)
    • Two decals for names (3" H, width varies by name length)
    • Application squeegee
    • Installation instructions
    • Price: CAD $120
  • Roof Number Kit:

    • One oversized roof number decal (18" H x 30" W)
    • Application squeegee
    • Detailed installation guide
    • Price: CAD $65
  • Hood and Rear Visibility Kit:

    • One large decal for the hood (up to 18" H x 36" W)
    • One large decal for the rear (up to 18" H x 36" W)
    • Application squeegee
    • Comprehensive installation instructions
    • Price: CAD $150

Installation and Care Tips

Ensure your decals last with our eco-friendly installation and care tips, including surface preparation and easy removal instructions.

Creating Custom Car Lettering for Racing

Custom car lettering can be created using vector graphics software, ensuring clear, precise, and scalable designs. Focus on readability and contrast against your car's base color. Consult with printing professionals to choose the right font size and style that meets track visibility requirements.

In-House Customization Services

Customize Your Race Car Numbers & Decals with Precision. At Lux Label Labs, we elevate your racing aesthetics with our expert in-house customization services. While online race car numbering templates serve as an excellent starting point, our personalized approach ensures your vision becomes a reality, tailored precisely to your specifications.

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